• HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 9am – 11pm | Saturday-Sunday 9am – 9pm


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be on a lane?

Normal bookings for Shotz City shooting lanes allow only ONE person in the lane during the session. for two people, you MUST book a SHARED lane that allows two people to shoot on a single lane. Please communicate with a Shotz City staff member for assistance or questions within the facility.

Do I need to show ID

Yes, only for first time when registering in person. This will help the staff enter minimal information for a faster process. It will also ensure we are serving the right customer.

What if I don’t t have ID

This could be because you are a minor. We require an adult with ID that can verify confirm your identity. First time only online purchase, staff will confirm ID and the credit card used ensuring we are serving that same customer.

What if my parent used the credit card to pay for my online session and they did not come with me

This will not delay your session, the staff will contact the card holder to validate while you are getting better with your Shotz!

How old do you have to be?

Shotz City’s recommended age requirement for use of facilities is 8 years old to shoot on their own. We do have Youth Lanes available for kids ages 5-8 where we lower the basket to 8 feet, uses smaller balls and allow parents/guardians on the court to assist. Children 12 and under must have a parent present in the viewers stadium during their session. All members under the age of 18 years of age require parental registration which assumes the parent/guardian/ward has read, understands and agrees to our waiver.

What size balls do you use?

Shotz City provides our players with necessary balls (you can’t bring your own) and are available in sizes 5 (Youth) 6 (Ladies and Boys 12-14) and 7 (Men)

Is there a dress code?

Shotz City requires appropriate clothing and shoes. Outdoor footwear is NOT permitted on the court at any time. Indoor non-scuffing running shoes are the only footwear permitted on the court.

No one may walk around Shotz City in sock feet, barefoot or shirtless. Short/long-sleeved t-shirts, shorts or bermudas, sweat suits and running shoes are permitted. Because some people are sensitive to certain strong odours, please limit the quantity of perfume, cologne or other perfumed products that you wear during your workout.

Are there lockers available?

Shotz City has day-use lockers available for your convenience and to protect your possessions. You are advised to leave them locked at all times. Members must empty the locker at the end of their session, and return key to front desk. Keys not returned, or lockers left unemptied will incur a $50 replacement fee. Shotz City is not responsibility for lost, stolen or objects left behind.

What is your camera policy?

Cell phones are allowed in silent or vibration mode only. Selfies and video of your own session are permitted however, using a cell phone and taking photographs or video of staff, other athletes, or Shotz City facility and equipment is strictly forbidden without prior authorized consent. Athletes agree that video and photographs may be taken and used by Shotz City for promotional use only.

Will staff show me how the machines work?

Yes! Athletes will agree to follow all rules and regulations, whether written, posted or advised by staff, regarding the proper use of the Shotz City equipment and facilities. Please inquire if you are unsure how to use equipment, leave all areas clean, and put all unaffixed equipment away after use. Staff members reserve the right to remind you of this rule if necessary.

What happens when my session is done?

Members and guests must have finished their session and leave Shotz City by closing time. Members and guests must also leave the lane promptly after their session to allow for the next guest to start at their scheduled time.

What is the cancellation policy?

Shotz City has limited lanes, and many of our lanes sell out. For this reason, we request that you cancel at least 24hrs before your scheduled session. This will allow us to offer your spot to another Customer.

You may call us at 416-724-SHOT (7468) during our Business Hours to cancel or reschedule your session through our website www.shotzcity.com or through the Shotz City app available on the app store.